Season 3 will be appearing in the UK on the channel Watch (Sky 109 or Virgin Media 124) at 9pm on Tuesday October 19.

Syfy (US) has aired another short trailer and there is an extended trailer from the UK, both of which can be found on the Season 3 Trailers page.

It's less than 3 weeks until Sanctuary starts again!. Can't wait!
9/27/2010 01:09:34 am

When is sanctuary season 3 coming to itv4?

9/27/2010 07:35:23 am

There's been no news from ITV4 about Sanctuary so far, it's obvious they have lost the premiere rights to Watch. Last year ITV4 had the premiere rights and then SciFi ran the series after it concluded it's ITV4 run. I'm still waiting to hear who will be showing the series after the premiere run (usually not announced until a few weeks before running the show).


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