Is there to be an extended Season 2 or is Season 3 a go?

I've been sitting on a rumour for a couple of weeks now waiting for some kind of official confirmation and whilst it is not official I've decided to put the rumour out there <big evil grin>.

Here's the meagre evidence that I have that Sanctuary is either shooting an extended Season 2 or has advanced production on Season 3 :

* Season 2 shooting finishes in July/August
* late August, Amanda unfortunately has to cancel her Australian and New Zealand convention appearances and "the production schedule being bought forward" is cited by the Armageddon people as the reason
* according to a guest actor it's believed they may have been asked for an additional 7 episodes bringing it to a 20 episode season leading into season 3 (I got this from a trusted friend who actually spoke to the actor)
* in a very recent interview Amanda herself referred to them being in prep at the moment (though there is more than one way to interpret that sentence) "But my biggest responsibility besides obviously, you know, what we’re dealing with now in post production and prep"... (see interview here )
* this weekend’s Galactic Water Cooler podcast spoke to Amanda whilst she was on set, though they did not specifically say it was Sanctuary’s set.

Of course you need to balance that information with the knowledge that it takes approximately 30 weeks to make an episode of Sanctuary, so would it be possible to make an extended season? Of course they could always leave Season 2 as is and just start on a 20 episode season 3 ;-) Also why has no announcement been made? Well Syfy could be sitting on it so as not to interfere with the new Stargate premiere but…

So there it is, make your own minds up about it. I sure hope that the rumour turns out to be true because I LOVE this show!!!

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