Syfy in the USA is moving their traditional scripted original shows from Friday nights to Tuesday nights, so come October Sanctuary will be on Tuesdays!  Why are they being moved? Friday Night Smackdown has been acquired by Syfy and that will air on Friday instead.

In my opinion it remains to be seen whether the niche "SciFriday" programmes will survive on Tuesdays. Whilst Syfy does tout the success of Warehouse 13 and Eureka on that night, those shows aired in the less contested summer period.

Source : Futon Critic - Syfy Press Release

Release Dates for Region 4 DVDs

Australia and other countries in the Region 4 area will be getting several new releases on 9-Jun-10 -
Sanctuary - Season 1 (4 Disc Set) (Blu-ray)
Sanctuary - Season 1: Special Edition (5 Disc Set)
Sanctuary - Season 2 (4 Disc Set)
Sanctuary - Season 2 (4 Disc Set) (Blu-ray)

Source : EzyDVD website

Carole Appleby (Sanctuary PR) has posted on Twitter that they have recorded some new interviews for the Season 1 DVD extras.

"just finished shooting extra interview footage for #Sanctuary season 1 DVD bonus features. VFX r just cool."