I have a mixed bag of updates for you today.

The UK have a premiere date for S3.5 on WATCH, June 7, with a double episode starting at 9pm. You can now find on the home page when the next new episode is appearing in Canda, USA, Australia and UK.

I've added the Syfy trailer for Carentan and some photos.

Also updated the following pages :
3x17 Normandy
3x19 Out of the Blue
3x20 Into the Black
4x04 Monsoon
S4 Unknown
Here's the Syfy trailer for Normandy.

Here's the Syfy sneak peek for Normandy
Tune in to Syfy next Monday for Metamorphosis and for Canada it will be Friday on Space. I've added Syfy's sneak peek and trailer for the episode to the Metamorphosis page.

Also earlier in the month Amanda Tapping was interviewed during the TV, Eh? Podcast Episode 38 and revealed quite a few things about the second half of Season 3 and a couple of intriguing things for Season 4. I have transcribed the entire interview segment and posted it in the Interview Transcriptions section but I have also put the relevant tidbits onto the following pages :
3x17 - Normandy
3x19 - Out Of The Blue
3x20 - Into The Black
General S4 Spoilers

Sanctuary in the US will now be on Monday nights at 10pm starting next Monday 25th April so make sure you spread the news and clue in as many people as you can about the change.

Meanwhile I have some episode descriptions for another four episodes for you and they can be found on the follow pages.

Filming of Season 4 started on Monday 11 April and a media conference interview was held last Friday with Amanda and Robin. There were a couple of media people who tweeted tidbits during the interview and the full articles will start to appear this week. First to appear was at Are You Screening and I have updated the following pages with details from that interview plus other tidbits I have gathered.

Check out the updated pages here :
General Season 3 Spoilers
3x17 - Normandy
3x19 - Out Of The Blue
General Season 4 Spoilers

Not that you'd forget or anything, but Pax Romana airs this Friday on Syfy i(US) and Space (Canada).
There's been a dearth of spoilers during the hiatus but with production to start soon on Season 4 and Season 3.5 to start airing in April, we should expect to have more spoilers soon.

The Syfy (US) website has the return of new episodes on April 15th at 10pm (EST), so get ready for episode 11, Pax Romana, which picks up where we left off with the team hanging lifeless in Hollow Men.

An interview with Alan McCullough over at SciFiAndTvTalk revealed the names of several more episodes - 11 Pax Romana, 12 Hangover, 18 Carentan, 20 Into the Black. The same interview also gives spoilers from Alan's episodes Metamorphosis (14) and Into The Black (20).

Andrew Lockington, Damian Kindler and other's were in Toronto recently to record an orchestral score for episode 17, Normandy. Apparently there was an interview with Space Channel so hopefully we'll be seeing them on InnerSpace or the Space site blog.

Head on over to the episode pages for the latest spoiler updates -
11 - Pax Romana
12 - Hangover
13 - One Night
14 - Metamorphosis
15 - Wingman
17 - Normandy
20 - Into The Black

I've added the Syfy preview for the next episode to the Bank Job page.

Sci Fi Channel in Australia has done a series of interviews with the cast and producers of Sanctuary over the last couple of weeks.. I've added a new page for interview transcripts and have included the first one from SciFi Aus which is loaded with info about Season 3. I've also updated the episode pages where specific information was imparted. Here's the list -
General Season 3
3x02 - Firewall
3x03 - Bank Job
3x05 - Hero II
3x06 - Animus
3x07 - Breach
3x08 - For King and Country
3x13 - One Night
3x17 - Normandy
Video Interview Transcripts

I'll be adding transcripts as time permits in the future.
I've added the Syfy preview and sneak peek trailers to the Firewall page for your enjoyment.

The Will story that Amanda Tapping is directing is called One Night.

Last season the Sanctuary studio in Burnaby was turned into the slums of Mumbai and this season they have a small French village built there for the episode Normandy.
Syfy has released a Sneak Peek for Kali Part 3 and I've included it on the trailer page.

I've also added small tidbits to 3x17 - Normandy