Yeah, my timing sucks!! I should have waited a few more hours. Damian Kindler addressed the topic of the length of Season 2 in his interview with Tony Tollado at SciFi Talk today.

Here's what was said :
Tony:  Will you be doing a full 24 episodes or how many total will you be doing this year?
Damian:  We did another 13, which at the time was all we could do because our vis effects pipeline is so tight getting into a 20 order Season 2 would be very, very hard. I think that if we go for 13 there is a possibility of a larger order but that is all speculative right now so

By the way, if you like sci-fi in general then you should check out Tony's podcasts as he has some very interesting guests and covers a wide variety of subjects.

Source : Sci-Fi Talk

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