Peter DeLuise will return to Sanctuary Season 2 in the director's chair but no word on whether he will return to acting in his webisode role of  Ernie Watts, the gun dealer. Also no confirmation (yet) on whether David Hewlett will appear in the season finale (as hinted in his Twitter a few days ago) or whether it will be in a new role or a reprise of his Larry Tolson character from the webisodes. Stay tuned for more details.

A fan asks Damian on Twitter :
"@damiankindler Can you say if Deluise or @Dhewlett will be repricing their roles from the web series, I was sad not to see them in S1."

To which Damian replied :
"@kzap333 Deluise returns to the director's chair for season 2. And Hewlett... hmm. Stay tuned."

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