Syfy has released a Sneak Peek for Kali Part 3 and I've included it on the trailer page.

I've also added small tidbits to 3x17 - Normandy
Season 3 will be appearing in the UK on the channel Watch (Sky 109 or Virgin Media 124) at 9pm on Tuesday October 19.

Syfy (US) has aired another short trailer and there is an extended trailer from the UK, both of which can be found on the Season 3 Trailers page.

It's less than 3 weeks until Sanctuary starts again!. Can't wait!
Sorry, I missed posting a Wormholeriders video interview with Robin Dunne last week. Robin talks about Will making the ultimate sacrifice and being nude. This is supposed to take place at the beginning of the season and I've added the details to the 3x01 Kali Part 3 page.

Syfy (US) released a new 30 second teaser trailer and it can be seen on the Trailer page. The first half is made of scenes from the Comic Con trailer but the second half has new scenes.

During #TappingTuesday on Twitter, Amanda Tapping revealed a few Helen wardrobe tidbits and a clue that either vampires or The Morrigan would return in Season 3. Read about it on the S3 Unknown page.

Have fun reading!
I've nearly completed the major catchup updates this weekend and will return to updating regularly as spoilers cross my path.

The premiere date for Canada and the U.K. have been released  with Canada showing in sync with the US, premiering Tuesday September 28 at 10pm. ITV4 have updated their Sanctuary website with the premiere date of October 12 at 10pm.

I've also added a new page for the Season 3 Trailer  and included spoilers from a fan about the extended trailer shown at The Sanctuary Experience convention recently. I really hope that they release this to the public!.
I've added a subpage to the Video section and added the recent Space Channel special with a behind the scenes look at Season 2 of Sanctuary. You can go directly there from here.
Syfy has put up the complete coverage of all their panels from the San Diego ComicCon 2009. I've embedded the video on the Video page or you can go to the Syfy site by clicking on the link for the Sanctuary Panel with Damian, Amanda, Martin and Robin (approx. 43mins)

SyFy Channel has put out a new film *cough* ad *cough* for their rebranding and Amanda and Robin appear in it for Sanctuary. The clip can be seen here.