Filming of Season 4 started on Monday 11 April and a media conference interview was held last Friday with Amanda and Robin. There were a couple of media people who tweeted tidbits during the interview and the full articles will start to appear this week. First to appear was at Are You Screening and I have updated the following pages with details from that interview plus other tidbits I have gathered.

Check out the updated pages here :
General Season 3 Spoilers
3x17 - Normandy
3x19 - Out Of The Blue
General Season 4 Spoilers

Not that you'd forget or anything, but Pax Romana airs this Friday on Syfy i(US) and Space (Canada).
Last week it was reported that ITV4 would start Sanctuary Season 3 on October 12 and today it's been reported on Twitter that someone has a email from ITV4 saying "Sorry to disappoint you but we have no confirmation of any transmission dates for the programme". The ITV website for Sanctuary does have "Sanctuary: NEW SERIES STARTS October 12TH AT 10PM ON ITV4" displayed on it but that is from last year.

But don't worry UK fans as SanctuarySeries (the official Sanctuary Twitter account) says they know the date but cannot say what it is until the network announces it. As most people in the UK know from past experience,  confirmation will only be in the week or two preceding the show starting.

I've also updated the pages for 3x13 and 3x14 with small tidbits.

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I've nearly completed the major catchup updates this weekend and will return to updating regularly as spoilers cross my path.

The premiere date for Canada and the U.K. have been released  with Canada showing in sync with the US, premiering Tuesday September 28 at 10pm. ITV4 have updated their Sanctuary website with the premiere date of October 12 at 10pm.

I've also added a new page for the Season 3 Trailer  and included spoilers from a fan about the extended trailer shown at The Sanctuary Experience convention recently. I really hope that they release this to the public!.
Just a small update with tidbits mainly sourced from Twitter. I've updated the relevant pages :
General Season 3 Spoilers
S3 Unknown

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There are no huge spoilers about Season 3 as yet but we have gotten a lot of little tidbits over the last couple of months and I have organised them all onto new pages for Season 3 with links to the larger original articles.

Here's a few tidbits in summary for you now :
Alan McCullough is writing the season opener.
Peter DeLuise is directing 3x03.
Wexford will be in the first two episodes.
They are working on two story arcs for the season.
Tesla will be back.

I suggest you check out the following pages for all the stories :
General Season 3 Spoilers

Also as we receive details on release dates worldwide for Season DVDs I am updating the Home Page with the details. Check it out now for release dates for both DVD and Bluray releases for Regions 1 and 2.
Sanctuary Season 3 started filming today in Vancouver and Amanda Tapping was in New York for the Syfy upfronts (presentation of their shows to the media) so hopefully we'll start getting a few spoilers trickling through real soon!!
The Season 2 finale is called Kali parts 1 & 2 according to the Syfy schedule.

More sort of news on Season 3, whilst in Paris on a promotion tour for Syfy, Amanda Tapping answered a question about a Season 3 for Sanctuary :

"I believe there will, there's a lot of interest so its a matter... because we're sort of an anomaly, we're an independent television show, we don't have a major network or studio backing us so... Syfy has been hugely supportive which has been great but we need, you know, we need to get the financing together so that's, that's  what we deal with every season."

Source : video
According to The Province newspaper in Vancouver, Season 3 of Sanctuary has been given the go ahead. An article on actor Ryan Robbins contained this paragraph -

"More recently, he's settled into the ensemble on the Canadian-produced TV series Sanctuary, the effects-heavy monster adventure that just got the nod to film a third season."

Hopefully more information can be obtained tomorrow from the Syfy digital press tour. Stay tuned.

Source : The Province
Further to my previous musings about more Sanctuary on the way about a week ago, the Twitter chatter from attendees at the UK Haven One con is that the actors are talking about a Season 3 being a possible reality.

Here's one Tweet from sez101 -
"Robin dunbw just said he thinks season 3 is looking good for the go ahead and their could b up to 20 episodes"

Personally, at the moment I'd say that confidence is high that the ducks are almost lined up for another season, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed until we get an official announcement  :-)
Yeah, my timing sucks!! I should have waited a few more hours. Damian Kindler addressed the topic of the length of Season 2 in his interview with Tony Tollado at SciFi Talk today.

Here's what was said :
Tony:  Will you be doing a full 24 episodes or how many total will you be doing this year?
Damian:  We did another 13, which at the time was all we could do because our vis effects pipeline is so tight getting into a 20 order Season 2 would be very, very hard. I think that if we go for 13 there is a possibility of a larger order but that is all speculative right now so

By the way, if you like sci-fi in general then you should check out Tony's podcasts as he has some very interesting guests and covers a wide variety of subjects.

Source : Sci-Fi Talk