Unfortunately it looks like David won't be able to do the Sanctuary work that he hinted at last week. Bummer, he was great as Larry Tolson in the webisodes.

From David Hewlett on Twitter :
"Couldn't make Sanctuary work...that's a drag!"


The Sci Fi Japan website has put up a gallery of photos and a video from last weeks trip to Japan by Damian, Amanda, Martin and Robin. Also included on the website (if I'm getting the gist of the Google translation correct) is that Tatsuya Ishii will be making a guest appearance as the Director of the Tokyo Sanctuary.

Here's the Google translation -
""Sanctuary Season 2," a special appearance by Tatsuya Ishii! Sanctuary is located in the Tokyo branch of fact, Mr. Ishii was cast as a director of the Tokyo branch. Season 2 will air next year, you will see a scene? !"

Source : Sci Fi Japan website
Thanks to parsifal


Peter DeLuise will return to Sanctuary Season 2 in the director's chair but no word on whether he will return to acting in his webisode role of  Ernie Watts, the gun dealer. Also no confirmation (yet) on whether David Hewlett will appear in the season finale (as hinted in his Twitter a few days ago) or whether it will be in a new role or a reprise of his Larry Tolson character from the webisodes. Stay tuned for more details.

A fan asks Damian on Twitter :
"@damiankindler Can you say if Deluise or @Dhewlett will be repricing their roles from the web series, I was sad not to see them in S1."

To which Damian replied :
"@kzap333 Deluise returns to the director's chair for season 2. And Hewlett... hmm. Stay tuned."


I thought it might be easier to manage the website by posting the various spoilers and tidbits here as I come across them and then update the website once a day.

Here's a couple of things from yesterday :

Reservations for tickets to the first Official Sanctuary convention in Vancouver start this Friday. as the seats are limited you need to get in early! The last convention that Gabit Events (AT4) put together sold out in minutes! Please see their website for details.

Sanctuary Season 1 is now available in the U.S.A. on iTunes. $1.99 an episode or $25.87 for the season. The first couple of episodes are currently in the Top 100.

David Hewlett may be a guest star in the Season 2 finale, this is based on his Twitter entry "Just reading a couple of very interesting Sanctuary scripts... ;-)

The entire teaser for the Season 2 finale will be in Japan. From Damian on Twitter - "Back from Tokyo. Amazing trip. Shot two scenes which turned out great. What an incredible place. Entire tease for ep 212 will be in Japan!".

There will be a Sanctuary panel at the San Diego Comic Con this July with Amanda, Damian, Martin and Robin. See the Sci Fi announcement.

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