The San Diego Comic Con is this weekend and SciFi Wire is giving fans unable to attend the opportunity to ask questions that will be presented to the various Syfy panels at the convention. This is a great opportunity to ask questions at the Sanctuary Panel next Saturday. Click on the SciFi Wire link and ask your questions in the comment section.

Source : SciFi Wire


I thought it might be easier to manage the website by posting the various spoilers and tidbits here as I come across them and then update the website once a day.

Here's a couple of things from yesterday :

Reservations for tickets to the first Official Sanctuary convention in Vancouver start this Friday. as the seats are limited you need to get in early! The last convention that Gabit Events (AT4) put together sold out in minutes! Please see their website for details.

Sanctuary Season 1 is now available in the U.S.A. on iTunes. $1.99 an episode or $25.87 for the season. The first couple of episodes are currently in the Top 100.

David Hewlett may be a guest star in the Season 2 finale, this is based on his Twitter entry "Just reading a couple of very interesting Sanctuary scripts... ;-)

The entire teaser for the Season 2 finale will be in Japan. From Damian on Twitter - "Back from Tokyo. Amazing trip. Shot two scenes which turned out great. What an incredible place. Entire tease for ep 212 will be in Japan!".

There will be a Sanctuary panel at the San Diego Comic Con this July with Amanda, Damian, Martin and Robin. See the Sci Fi announcement.

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