The end of Season 4 is almost upon us! Only the 2 part season finale cliffhanger to go and here's the Syfy trailer and some NBC promo pictures for Sanctuary For None Part 1.
I've added the Sneak Peek from Syfy for Sanctuary for None Part 1 to it's page.
Episode descriptions from Sci Fi Channel (Aus) are now available on the following pages :
The Depths
Sanctuary For None Part 1
Sanctuary For None Part 2
OK, I've finally caught up with the back log of spoiler updates. Over the past week I have added to all the Season 4 pages so if you haven't been here for a while I suggest you browse through all of S4.

Today I added the last batch of updates (check the Home Page for details) and there are a couple of vids you may want to check out -
  • a new S4 trailer has been added to 4x01 Tempus
  • a behind the scenes vid has been added to 4x12

Sorry for the long delay between updates, my eyes weren't up to maintaining the website for a few months there. Though don't worry, I have been collecting the spoilers in the interim.With Season 4 starting in just over a week it was time to start sorting through the spoilers and getting them up on the website and I'm still in the process of doing it so bear with me. I've gotten all the photos and videos available so far for the premiere up, Tempus looks like it's going to be awesome.

I've added spoilers to pretty much the whole site over the last few days and have quite a bit more to do so keep an eye on the home page to see which pages I've updated during the next week.
Pages added/updated  so far :
Home Page
S4 Unknown Episodes
General S4 Spoilers