I've added both short and long episode descriptions to the next four episodes, check out the following pages for details :
I've posted six videos for your spoiler enjoyment! First is the Uprising trailer and then I've added a new page for S4 BTS vids which has the following vids on it :
(These first 4 apparently have been aired on Comcast Xfinity on demand)
Will and Magnus - Behind the Scenes Part 1
A New Direction - Behind the Scenes Part 2
New Residents - Behind the Scenes Part 3
S4 Interviews: Challenges
BT Vancouver Set Visit during S4 Finale Filming

For those wondering about who Magnus gets to kiss in Monsoon, check out the New Residents vid.
I've added the Syfy sneak peek for the next episode to the Uprising page. Enjoy!
Sorry for the long delay between updates, my eyes weren't up to maintaining the website for a few months there. Though don't worry, I have been collecting the spoilers in the interim.With Season 4 starting in just over a week it was time to start sorting through the spoilers and getting them up on the website and I'm still in the process of doing it so bear with me. I've gotten all the photos and videos available so far for the premiere up, Tempus looks like it's going to be awesome.

I've added spoilers to pretty much the whole site over the last few days and have quite a bit more to do so keep an eye on the home page to see which pages I've updated during the next week.
Pages added/updated  so far :
Home Page
S4 Unknown Episodes
General S4 Spoilers

I've been updating the various spoiler pages but haven't been able to blog about them until today so here is what we have since the last update -

I've added the Syfy trailers and promo pics for the next episode 3x19 - Out Of The  Blue.

I've also added tidbits to the following pages -
3x18 - Carentan
3x20 - Into The Black
S4 General Spoilers
4x01 - Tempus


I have a mixed bag of updates for you today.

The UK have a premiere date for S3.5 on WATCH, June 7, with a double episode starting at 9pm. You can now find on the home page when the next new episode is appearing in Canda, USA, Australia and UK.

I've added the Syfy trailer for Carentan and some photos.

Also updated the following pages :
3x17 Normandy
3x19 Out of the Blue
3x20 Into the Black
4x04 Monsoon
S4 Unknown
I've added some promo pics to Metamorphosis and our first glimpse of Will's metamorphosis. I've also included Syfy's brief trailer promoting Sanctuary and SGU on Monday nights.

As filming continues on Season 4 small snippets are released from the actors and crew from on set. Check out 4x01 and 4x02 for pics and details.
Tune in to Syfy next Monday for Metamorphosis and for Canada it will be Friday on Space. I've added Syfy's sneak peek and trailer for the episode to the Metamorphosis page.

Also earlier in the month Amanda Tapping was interviewed during the TV, Eh? Podcast Episode 38 and revealed quite a few things about the second half of Season 3 and a couple of intriguing things for Season 4. I have transcribed the entire interview segment and posted it in the Interview Transcriptions section but I have also put the relevant tidbits onto the following pages :
3x17 - Normandy
3x19 - Out Of The Blue
3x20 - Into The Black
General S4 Spoilers