Our favourite vampire is back and I've added the Syfy trailer and sneak peek to the Awakening page for you.
Sanctuary in the US will now be on Monday nights at 10pm starting next Monday 25th April so make sure you spread the news and clue in as many people as you can about the change.

Meanwhile I have some episode descriptions for another four episodes for you and they can be found on the follow pages.

According to Amanda Tapping in a SciFiPulse interview, Episode 16 is called Awakening and Tesla is still Tesla despite the devamping. Check out the Awakening page for more details.
Currently the Sanctuary team is working on episode 16 which sees Jonathon Young back again in the role of Tesla and the appearance of a Vampire Queen!

Over the past week I have been making lots of small additions to quite a few pages, just click on the links to see what is new.
Updated pages -
S3 Unknown
So the bad news is we now have to wait an extra 17 days for Season 3 as both Syfy (US) and then Space announced the new premiere date as Friday 15th October. Yes folks, Sanctuary is back in it's old time slot on Syfy but with wrestling as it's lead in. Friday Night Smackdown is starting on Syfy on 1-Oct-10 8-10PM EST and I have to assume that they are expecting that Smackdown's big audience will follow it to Syfy and that some will stay to watch Sanctuary. I've got my fingers crossed and will light a few candles too ;)

Some good news for us Aussies is that the SciFi Channel will be airing Season 3 in October, the exact date will be announced soon. There is still no word on the UK premiere date but I think it is safe to say that it won't be before the US and Canada (c'mom ITV, update your website from last year!!)

Now for some spoilers :
I've updated pages for 3x14 Metamorphosis and Unknown eps with some tidbits. Pages have been added for 3x15 and 3x16. The Unknown eps update concerns what is currently being built in the Norco Studios parking lot and time lapse photography is being done to include it in the Season 3 DVD extras. Check out the photo and have fun guessing what it is and which episode it is for. I figure that they start filming episode 15 on Monday or Tuesday and it could be for that.

Have fun reading!