I'm a bit behind but I finally managed to get the Sneak Peek and Trailer up for the wonderfully, beautiful episode For King and Country. Also I have put up the Sneak Peek and Trailer for next week's episode Vigilante along with a couple of new episode descriptions. The mid season finale, Hollow Men, also had it's episode descriptions updated.

The wacky, funny and totally off the wall Sanctuary Podcasts are back at Syfy!! Finally!! I love these podcasts because you never quite know what to expect in them and the first two for the season are available from Syfy, featuring Martin, Amanda and Damian.
I've added the following episode descriptions to the relevant pages :
8. For King and Country
With Adam Worth under tight security back at the Sanctuary, Magnus discloses the turbulent beginnings he shares with The Five.

9. Vigilante
Knowing that the cure for Magnus's illness can only be found in the hidden City, Will decides to release Adam from his restraints so he can show them how find the City's access point.

10. The Hollow Men
Magnus tells Adam Worth she is leaving to find the hidden city. Although he warns her of great danger there, she insists he stay behind and promises to bring back the cure to their radiation illness.

I've added the Syfy preview for the next episode to the Bank Job page.

Sci Fi Channel in Australia has done a series of interviews with the cast and producers of Sanctuary over the last couple of weeks.. I've added a new page for interview transcripts and have included the first one from SciFi Aus which is loaded with info about Season 3. I've also updated the episode pages where specific information was imparted. Here's the list -
General Season 3
3x02 - Firewall
3x03 - Bank Job
3x05 - Hero II
3x06 - Animus
3x07 - Breach
3x08 - For King and Country
3x13 - One Night
3x17 - Normandy
Video Interview Transcripts

I'll be adding transcripts as time permits in the future.