Just a small update with tidbits mainly sourced from Twitter. I've updated the relevant pages :
General Season 3 Spoilers
S3 Unknown

Happy reading!!
There are no huge spoilers about Season 3 as yet but we have gotten a lot of little tidbits over the last couple of months and I have organised them all onto new pages for Season 3 with links to the larger original articles.

Here's a few tidbits in summary for you now :
Alan McCullough is writing the season opener.
Peter DeLuise is directing 3x03.
Wexford will be in the first two episodes.
They are working on two story arcs for the season.
Tesla will be back.

I suggest you check out the following pages for all the stories :
General Season 3 Spoilers

Also as we receive details on release dates worldwide for Season DVDs I am updating the Home Page with the details. Check it out now for release dates for both DVD and Bluray releases for Regions 1 and 2.