Here's the Carentan Sneak Peek

Also for the Aussies watching on free to air I've been adding the ABC2 trailers to the episode pages, so far Kali 3, Firewall and next Friday's Bank Job.

I've posted short episode descriptions for Kali Part 3, Firewall and Bank Job.

Check out the episode pages for details.
Remember that Russian battle tank from a few weeks ago? Well it's confirmed - they are using it in episode 17. Based on Tweets from Amanda and Damian, together with the type of tank it's possible that it will be a WWII story.

Ive also updated a few pages with screen caps from the new UK trailer -
S3 Unknown
Currently the Sanctuary team is working on episode 16 which sees Jonathon Young back again in the role of Tesla and the appearance of a Vampire Queen!

Over the past week I have been making lots of small additions to quite a few pages, just click on the links to see what is new.
Updated pages -
S3 Unknown
Sorry, I missed posting a Wormholeriders video interview with Robin Dunne last week. Robin talks about Will making the ultimate sacrifice and being nude. This is supposed to take place at the beginning of the season and I've added the details to the 3x01 Kali Part 3 page.

Syfy (US) released a new 30 second teaser trailer and it can be seen on the Trailer page. The first half is made of scenes from the Comic Con trailer but the second half has new scenes.

During #TappingTuesday on Twitter, Amanda Tapping revealed a few Helen wardrobe tidbits and a clue that either vampires or The Morrigan would return in Season 3. Read about it on the S3 Unknown page.

Have fun reading!
An article on a recent set visit by ShowPatrol has established that the date of Helen Magnus' birthday is August 27. Unfortunately the big spoilers from this visit are being kept until closer to episode airing dates but we did learn that Martin is directing Kali Part 3 and Metamorphosis focuses on Will Zimmerman.

See updates on pages General Season 3 Spoilers, 3x01 and 3x14 for more details.