The Season 2 finale is called Kali parts 1 & 2 according to the Syfy schedule.

More sort of news on Season 3, whilst in Paris on a promotion tour for Syfy, Amanda Tapping answered a question about a Season 3 for Sanctuary :

"I believe there will, there's a lot of interest so its a matter... because we're sort of an anomaly, we're an independent television show, we don't have a major network or studio backing us so... Syfy has been hugely supportive which has been great but we need, you know, we need to get the financing together so that's, that's  what we deal with every season."

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Finally some details on the Tesla episode Sleepers!!
2x11 Sleepers - Several teens disappear after going to a Mexican rehab clinic - turns out Tesla has made them into vampires.

2x08 Next Tuesday - Something's fishy off the coast of Louisiana: A chopper carrying Magnus, Will and a pissed-off seas creature will get caught in an abandoned oil rig and hang suspended over the ocean.

2x09 Penance - Stargate Michael Shanks quests in a plot about a precious and pricey abnormal wanted by the mob.

2x12&13 Untitled Finale - The reason for Will's Bollywood dancing scene and also some plot specific details for the two episode finale has been added to the Finale page.

Firstly, video From the ComicCon Sanctuary panel will be made available on the Syfy site after the convention has finished.

Episode 8 is called Next Tuesday - "Will Zimmerman and Magnus are transporting a rare abmornal off of an oil rig (in Mexico?).The abnormal wakes up, gets upset and the helicoptor goes down in an oil well in the middle of the ocean, with the helicopter suspended above them and a nest of wires. Amanda, Robin and director Martin Wood spent five days in wetsuits for this sep and they did not use stunt people."

"According to Martin, it was really impressive to see Amanda hold her breath for 94 seconds."

Premiere episodes - "includes a big car chase with Magnus behind the wheel, for which they used Damien Kindle's car and no stunt driver. Amanda did her own driving for the sequence and Robin says that his reaction in the passenger seat was not acting -- he was terrified!"

Finale episodes - "We'll get to meet the new head of Tokyo Sanctuary and the rebuilt Tokyo Sanctuary- Damien was dying when Martin told us this because Martin was revealing too much.The scenes they shot in Japan were filmed almost guerilla style - Martin was working the camera, there were no permits and they were writing scenes onsite because they were having fun and wanted to maximize the opportunity. "

Episode 7 Veritas - "in which Magnus goes "completely off her rocker." This ep really showcases Will's loyalty to Magnus -- "when the world turns it's back on her, he can be counted on to stick with her." Damien Kindler says that they wanted to deepen Will and Helen's relationship this season (in a non-shipper way) - they didn't want the relationship to be stagnant and just about capturing monsters."

Episode 5 Padua Noctoris - "The future flash ep is "Padua Noctoris" which focuses on a probable future. Amanda says we'll see "Will unlike you've ever seen him before" and that it was "freaky",seeing Robin in character for this ep. It's set in a post-apocalyptic era and we'll see a decayed Sanctuary, Magnus' office destroyed, band -- most frightening --Will with mullet!"

Shippers - Magnus held Will Zimmerman on her knee when he was 8! Magnus + Druitt is that character's big love affair ("she likes the bad boys"). There's also Count Olaff who owns a soccer team.

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From Jaclyn on Twitter :

"Learned to Bollywood dance with Robin Dunne today for the #Sanctuary season finale!! F.U.N.!!!"


From Robin on Twitter :

"Barby @ TCB's place. Now to bed. Start Ep 12/13 tomorrow!!!!!

about 20 hours ago"


The Sanctuary crew have created an external set depicting Mumbai slums for the season finale.

From Jaclyn on Twitter :
"Loves that she can see the slums of Mumbai out the back window..."


The Sci Fi Japan website has put up a gallery of photos and a video from last weeks trip to Japan by Damian, Amanda, Martin and Robin. Also included on the website (if I'm getting the gist of the Google translation correct) is that Tatsuya Ishii will be making a guest appearance as the Director of the Tokyo Sanctuary.

Here's the Google translation -
""Sanctuary Season 2," a special appearance by Tatsuya Ishii! Sanctuary is located in the Tokyo branch of fact, Mr. Ishii was cast as a director of the Tokyo branch. Season 2 will air next year, you will see a scene? !"

Source : Sci Fi Japan website
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