Syfy have released episode synopses for the next three episodes 2x08 Next Tuesday2x09 Penance and 2x11 Sleepers and I've added them to their relevant pages. Photos will be posted soon for the episodes as well.

I also added the ITV4 episode description to the 2x08 Next Tuesday page.

Source : TVByTheNumbers
Finally some details on the Tesla episode Sleepers!!
2x11 Sleepers - Several teens disappear after going to a Mexican rehab clinic - turns out Tesla has made them into vampires.

2x08 Next Tuesday - Something's fishy off the coast of Louisiana: A chopper carrying Magnus, Will and a pissed-off seas creature will get caught in an abandoned oil rig and hang suspended over the ocean.

2x09 Penance - Stargate Michael Shanks quests in a plot about a precious and pricey abnormal wanted by the mob.

2x12&13 Untitled Finale - The reason for Will's Bollywood dancing scene and also some plot specific details for the two episode finale has been added to the Finale page.
The Huffington Post's Jenna Busch interviewed Amanda Tapping recently and we got some more details on three episodes. Check out the pages for 2x08 Next Tuesday, 2x09 Penance and 2x11 Sleepers for the details.