Episode 10 Haunted, the Druitt episode, will be airing in the USA on January 8 but will air in the UK on December 21. For some reason Syfy has switched the airing order of Haunted and Sleepers.

ITV has released an episode synopsis for Haunted and I've included it on the episode page for 2x10 Haunted.

Christopher Heyerdahl recently spoke with SciFi Wire about Season 2 of Sanctuary. He gives some details about episode 9, Penance, and some details on Michael Shank's role of Jimmy. Christopher also give some general spoilers about the season and some more detailed information about an episode that he was reading the script for at the time of the interview an episode that will give more insight into Druitt.

This episode may be episode 10 as the only remaining episodes at the time of the interview were episode 10, episode 11, which is a Tesla ep and the the finale eps 12 & 13.

For all the spoilery goodness get yourself over to Syfy and check out the SciFi Wire article.