Syfy (US) has a special advance screening of Chimera this week on Tuesday at 10pm ET.

Craig Engler from Syfy tweeted -
Reminder, #Sanctuary fans, this week's new episode airs Tuesday at 10 as well as Friday at 10. You've got TWO chances to see it! Enjoy!
@scifistorm It's primarily to keep it paired with it's normal lead-in, which has a special Tues showing.

I've uploaded the Sneak Peek and Trailer for the episode to the Chimera page for your enjoyment!

There's more multimedia for next week's episode Fugue with a second Sneak Peak, a Trailer and promotional photos.

Also we have some early promotional photos for Chimera.
I've added the Syfy trailer for Icebreaker and Sneak Peek for Fugue to their pages.

I've added the Syfy Sneak Peek and Trailer for the next episode, Homecoming.