I've added the Syfy (US) Sneak Peek and Trailer to the Breach page. Enjoy!
I've added a new page for Behind The Scenes Video and for Season 3 we have a Bloopers Reel, a Visual Effects Reel and a visually spoiler laden B Roll.

Also from TVguide.com we have some very interesting details about Magnus and the story arc involving Ian Tracey's character, Adam Worth. I've added that to the Breach page because that is where the story arc basically starts.
I've added the following episode descriptions to the relevant pages :
8. For King and Country
With Adam Worth under tight security back at the Sanctuary, Magnus discloses the turbulent beginnings he shares with The Five.

9. Vigilante
Knowing that the cure for Magnus's illness can only be found in the hidden City, Will decides to release Adam from his restraints so he can show them how find the City's access point.

10. The Hollow Men
Magnus tells Adam Worth she is leaving to find the hidden city. Although he warns her of great danger there, she insists he stay behind and promises to bring back the cure to their radiation illness.

I've added the Syfy preview to the Animus page, as well as another episode description and a tidbit.

SanctuarySeries had a short Q&A session on Twitter a few days ago and I've added the tidbits to various pages. Here's the list -
General Season 3
3x06 - Animus
3x07 - Breach
3x13 - One Night
I've added the Syfy (US) Sneak Peek and Trailer to the Hero II page. Enjoy!
Syfy (US) has published their schedule for the remainder of the first half of Season 3. Each episode will air weekly without break culminating in a marathon on December 17 of all 10 episodes.

Episode 9 is called Vigilante and episode 10 is called Hollow Man.
In a press release from Syfy it was announced that WWE star Edge will be appearing in the final episode of Season 3, details here.

Also it has been reported that episode 15 is called Wingman and Peter DeLuise will reprise his role of Ernie Watts.