Here's the Syfy Sneak Peek and a promo for the next episode, Monsoon. Enjoy!

I've uploaded some promotional photos to the Untouchable page.

I've added episode descriptions for the following episodes :
I've uploaded the Syfy Sneak Peek and Trailer to the Untouchable page. Enjoy!
I've added both short and long episode descriptions to the next four episodes, check out the following pages for details :
I've posted six videos for your spoiler enjoyment! First is the Uprising trailer and then I've added a new page for S4 BTS vids which has the following vids on it :
(These first 4 apparently have been aired on Comcast Xfinity on demand)
Will and Magnus - Behind the Scenes Part 1
A New Direction - Behind the Scenes Part 2
New Residents - Behind the Scenes Part 3
S4 Interviews: Challenges
BT Vancouver Set Visit during S4 Finale Filming

For those wondering about who Magnus gets to kiss in Monsoon, check out the New Residents vid.
I've added the Syfy sneak peek for the next episode to the Uprising page. Enjoy!