I've added episode descriptions, the Syfy trailer and a sneak peek to the Pavor Nocturnus page. Roll on next week!!
Syfy have released a trailer for the next episode Hero. I've added it to the Hero page with the episode descriptions.
The episode description from ITV4 for 2x04 - Hero :

An unlikely superhero with unprecedented strength and the ability to fly is intent on thwarting crime in the city, but his good deeds are interfering with the work of the Sanctuary. Magnus and Will manage to capture him, but when tests reveal that he does not possess the DNA of an Abnormal, they are baffled as to the origins of his powers. Kate risks the new-found trust she is developing with the team when she agrees to help her brother who is in trouble with a crime boss.
The Industry Gala Awards part of the Gemini Awards were held Tuesday night and Sanctuary won the Best Visual Effects category.

Lee Wilson, Caleb Ashmore, Matthew Belbin, Sebastien Bergeron, Ken Lee, Lionel Lim, Mladen Miholjcic, Les Quinn, Lisa Sepp-Wilson, Philippe Thibault of Anthem Visual Effects won the Gemini Award for the episode Sanctuary For All Part 1. They were also nominated for a second episode, The Five, in the  same category.

Christopher Heyerdahl unfortunately didn't win in his category of Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series.

The rest of the awards will be announced at a gala event on November 14 where Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne and Steven Adelson have been nominated for awards.
TV Guide Episode description :

Magnus awakens in the ruins of a sanctuary with no memory of how the facility and city were laid to waste. An encounter with a savage creature and a cold rendezvous with Will lead to a shocking revelation.
Syfy have released a trailer for the next episode, Eulogy, plus a sneak peek. I have added them to the Eulogy page and they can be seen by everyone (not region blocked).

Follow the link for the vids.
Space Channel (Canada) Episode Description
30th Oct, 9:00 PM
Sanctuary: Hero
Magnus traps a superhero (Christopher Gauthier) whose lack of finesse affects the team's work. Elsewhere, the discovery of an eggshell remnant puts Will and Declan (Robert Lawrenson) on the hunt for a creature that's loose in the city.


A few details have come to light about an episode called Fragments about Henry. I think this episode is number 6 and I have temporarily put the details on that page until I can get confirmation of the episode number. Follow the link to 2x06 - Fragments
TV Guide descriptions from Space (Canada) & ITV4 (UK)

Space Channel
9:00 PM Sanctuary: Eulogy
(14+ ) (CC)
Magnus takes in refugees from the Cabal attacks on the Tokyo and London sanctuaries. Meanwhile, Kate (Agam Darshi) accidentally sets free a one-of-a-kind creature.

10:00 PM Eulogy
Sci-fi drama series. With chaos all around them, the Sanctuary team must come to terms with how to rebuild after the Cabal's attacks. Magnus and Druitt struggle to come to terms with the fate of their daughter. While Druitt seeks revenge on the Cabal, Magnus takes a methodical approach to prove Ashley is alive. Will and Henry take on the daunting task of organising and processing the hundreds of Abnormals who now seek refuge at the Sanctuary. With Amanda Tapping, Christopher Heyerdahl, Robin Dunne, Ryan Robbins, and Agam Darshi.
I've added a new sub page to the video section for the complete video of the Sanctuary Panel on the recent Syfy Digital Press Tour and included a Photo Gallery of few screen shots.

I've also updated Episode 10 which is called Haunted and explains more about Druitt.

Follow the links for more details. More to come.
Listen to Damian, Amanda and Martin's commentary for episode 1 of Season 2!! Yes, Syfy is now providing podcasts for Sanctuary so rock on over to their site for the first one and keep an eye out each week for further ones.

Source : Syfy website