The first entry has been submitted for the Season 3 Fan Promo Competition and can be found on the competition video page. If anyone would like to participate with a banner, poster or vid then please check out the details on the competition page.

Keep those entries rolling in!!
We may have a title for Episode 2, Firewall, but please treat this as an unconfirmed rumour until I can verify it through another source. Also I've found some more spoilers from Comic Con (I'm still going through old video interviews) and have made updates to the following pages - 3x02, 3x05, 3x06, 3x13 and General Spoilers
I've nearly completed the major catchup updates this weekend and will return to updating regularly as spoilers cross my path.

The premiere date for Canada and the U.K. have been released  with Canada showing in sync with the US, premiering Tuesday September 28 at 10pm. ITV4 have updated their Sanctuary website with the premiere date of October 12 at 10pm.

I've also added a new page for the Season 3 Trailer  and included spoilers from a fan about the extended trailer shown at The Sanctuary Experience convention recently. I really hope that they release this to the public!.
Here's a little idea I've been playing with over the last couple of months for fans to get into the spirit for Season 3.

What makes you a fan of Sanctuary? Convey that thought to others in this fan run competition (with no prizes) for fans. Check out the details here and get cracking with your entries be they posters, banners or vids.
Alright!! I have posted roughly 4 months worth of spoilers in two days! I only have a few more video interviews to go through and transcribe and all will be up to date. Happy reading.
Sorry it's been months since an update but unfortunately my eyes haven't been up to the task of updating this website. Hopefully I'm managing better now and can resume my regular updates (*touch wood*). Don't worry I haven't been totally offline and I've been collecting spoilers :D

I've updated all the Season 3 pages with information up until the middle of June and I'll continue with another update tomorrow. Happy reading!