TVShowsonDVD have an article on the US release of the Season 1 boxset that includes cover art and the 30 sec promo that will air on Syfy (US). I've added the film clip to the Video section.
Bad news folks, it appears that Amanda Tapping has had to cancel her Australian and New Zealand appearances at the Armageddon Con. Some reports say that the production schedule changed and some say that filming was brought forward but as yet no details have been released.

Bugger! This little duck won't be headed for Melbourne in October then *pouts*
Promos for the release of Sanctuary : The Complete First Season have appeared on the net and I have included them for your viewing on the Video Trailer page. Go check them out and enjoy!
Sorry for it being so quiet around here lately but I have had more eye troubles and had to let the website slide for a while. Luckily Sanctuary had pretty much wrapped filming for Season 2 and so it has been relatively quiet but I expect more news to start popping up as the Season 1 DVDs are released and as we get closer to the Season 2 Premiere.