Here's the Carentan Sneak Peek

Also for the Aussies watching on free to air I've been adding the ABC2 trailers to the episode pages, so far Kali 3, Firewall and next Friday's Bank Job.

I have a mixed bag of updates for you today.

The UK have a premiere date for S3.5 on WATCH, June 7, with a double episode starting at 9pm. You can now find on the home page when the next new episode is appearing in Canda, USA, Australia and UK.

I've added the Syfy trailer for Carentan and some photos.

Also updated the following pages :
3x17 Normandy
3x19 Out of the Blue
3x20 Into the Black
4x04 Monsoon
S4 Unknown
A few bits and pieces for this update :

Season 3
Declan will be appearing in episode 18, Carentan. A short episode description is now available for the season finale, Into The Black.

Season 4
There are several tidbits for as yet unknown episodes including Lee Wilson directing an episode and Martin Wood will be writing an episode.

Episode 3 is written by Gillian Horvath.

Episode 4 will be a big episode directed by Martin Wood plus on the set pictures.
Here's the Syfy trailer for Normandy.

Here's the Syfy sneak peek for Normandy
Our favourite vampire is back and I've added the Syfy trailer and sneak peek to the Awakening page for you.