Work has started on Season 4 and we will gradually get more and more news when filming begins. Consequently I've added a new section for Season 4 on the site and will gradually be adding to it. First up - Amanda Tapping is directing episode 1.

Meanwhile, back in Season 3, SciFi Australia have announced May 20 as their premiere date for Season 3.5 (only a mere month behind Canada & US). Also Space has started airing a promo trailer for S3.5 which a kind fan recorded and shared with the rest of us, which I've added to the Pax Romana page.

I've also added a few tidbits to the following pages :
3x15 - Wingman
3x18 - Carentan
3x20 - Into The Black
General Season 4 Spoilers

Go! Read, watch, enjoy!!

Well it's not long now until the next episode, Pax Romana, airs on April 15 and according to the BC Film Commission Season 4 should start filming the Monday before on April 11.

Syfy has released a trailer for Pax Romana and I've included it on the episode page for your enjoyment.
Promotional photos are now available for episode 12, Hangover, to air on Syfy and Space April 22.
Promotional photo are now available for the next episode, Pax Romana, to air on Syfy and Space April 15.